Read a Kids Mode FAQ section.

[FAQ] (1) Where can I download Samsung Kids Mode? Jun 22 2016

Samsung Kids Mode only supports in Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Tablets.

You can download Kids Mode in 'Google Play' or 'Galaxy Apps' by searching 'Kids Mode'!


If you can't find Kids Mode in the Google Play or Galaxy Apps,

please refer to "[Notice] Samsung Kids Mode Supportable Devices" in the [News] section.


Thank you.

- Kids Mode Team -

[FAQ] (2) I forgot my PIN number.. Jun 29 2016

You can reset your Kids Mode PIN number with your Samsung Account (if you don't have, Google Account).

Just remember your Samsung Account (or Google Account) that you already set in your device.


When you input wrong PIN number 5 times,

Kids Mode will ask you to log in with Samsung Account (or Google Account).

If you input right account information, it will let you set new PIN number for Kids Mode.


Make your kid happy with Samsung Kids Mode.

Thank you.


- Kids Mode Team -

[FAQ] (3) I can't see Kids Mode Native Applications in Kids Mode Jun 29 2016

Can't you see Kids Mode native applications* after an update?

(* Kids Mode Native Applications : Kids Drawing, Kids Magic Voice, Kids Music, and Kids Video)

Then you can download & install in 'Kids Store' which you can find in Kids Mode Home.

Just search 'Kids Drawing' , 'Kids Magic Voice', 'Kids Music', and 'Kids Video' in the Kids Store.


If it is already installed in your device, you can add those Kids Mode native apps in parental control mode.

"Parental Control > Apps > Add > Select Kids Mode Native applications"

Now you can see those applications in Kids Mode Home.


It's time for your kid to play and learn with Kids Mode applications!

Thank you.


- Kids Mode Team -


[FAQ] (4) I can't add specific apps in Kids Mode Jun 29 2016

You can add applications in Kids Mode that are downloaded in Galaxy Apps, Google Play and other app stores.

But you cannot add pre-loaded applications (the applications that are pre-installed in your device as a factory set).

It's because Kids Mode want to make the safest condition for your child by just allowing applications that parent downloaded.


Kids Mode always think Kid's safety is the first in the mobile world.

- Kids Mode Team-

[FAQ] (5) Unable to use Kids Mode after device S/W update (Guide for Galaxy S5 users) Jun 29 2016

If you have problem using the Kids Mode on your device,
We hope you try the below steps to re-install the Kids Mode compatible with your Galaxy S5.


In case of Galaxy S5, we don't provide Kids Mode in Galaxy Apps store or Play Store,
but provide as a preload application on S5.

Therefore you may uninstall and reinstall Kids Mode as below,
- Uninstall all the Kids Mode on your device
  (the device settings > applications > application manager > Kids Mode)
- Tap and hold an empty space on the home screen.
- Tap [Widgets] and tap Kids Mode and drag it to the home screen.
- Tap Kids Mode on the home screen and continue the installation process.


If this guide doesn't figure your problem, please contact us via e-mail below.


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

- Kids Mode Team -