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Samsung Kids Mode: a fun app perfect for my child!

Lillaking (age : 5~6 years old)

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There are a lot of digital applications that bring us happiness these days. Being able to access huge amounts of information is great, but it is not without its side effects.



In the case of adults, most people can judge what contents are good and which are potentially harmful, and make smart decisions based on this. 

But this is not always the case for children, who often need guidance and parental supervision.





Over 2 million people have downloaded Kids Mode, which goes to shows how fun and safe the app is.

In a few words – the app is a safe digital playground for younger children.





Kids Mode can be downloaded at the Galaxy Apps or Google Play store. All you need to do is search for “Kids Mode.”

Kids Mode is now available for most devices, and it is free! You can even download it on recent Galaxy series phones – like the Galaxy S8 and S8+.






Kids Mode provide a way to manage your children’s smartphone usage – by registering children’s’ profiles, setting time limit, selecting approved contacts and so on. It is a great help!






There it is! An app exclusively for children – Samsung Kids Mode – is now downloaded to my Galaxy S8. I have created a profile for my son.






This is what the Kids Mode screen looks like. Basically, there are lots of apps, like Kids Call, Kids Camera, Gallery, Kids Drawing and the Kids Store.






You can also limit children’s usage and keep your children from altering time limits with PIN code protection.






It is great to be able to set time limits that allow children to form healthier usage habits for digital devices.

My son, Hyunseo, has recently started using Kids Mode. We let him use the smartphone for a maximum of 30 minutes.






His favorite app is the Kids Camera. There are a lot of apps, but he really loves this one.






He likes drawing pictures using Kids Drawing. It is different from the sort of white boards he usually draws on. Kids Drawing has a lot of digital art tools and materials, so he really likes it.

Of course, there are more apps, such as Kids Music, Magic Voice, Kids Video and more.






Finally, I can use the Kids Store to download additional apps. There are lots of apps on there, in all sorts of languages – great for young language-learners like my son! Because all the apps have been marked as safe by the makers of Samsung Kids Mode, I let my son download the apps he would like to use.






In the past, letting my child use the smartphone as he liked used to make me feel uneasy.

But Samsung Kids Mode has solved this problem. I personally like Kids Camera, Kids Video and the Kids Store the most, and my son agrees with me!






What do you think of Kids Mode? Why not download it and give it a whirl today?


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