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Turn smartphones into to child-safe devices with Samsung Kids Mode

Jaebin-Jjang (age : 7~8 years old)

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These days, kids start using smart technology so early. As a parent, I used to sometimes use my phone to show my children videos or let them play games. But I found it a little disconcerting, to be honest – I worried that they might end up accessing harmful websites by mistake, or delete my important data.

I have often found myself wishing there was some kind of app that could protect children from harmful contents, letting them play without causing me any worry. But, now, finally, my wish has come true!

The app is called Samsung Kids Mode. It lets parents turn their smartphones into safe, child-friendly devices where parents get to exercise full control.



Children love Kids Mode, a place where they can meet four cute animal friends. Kids Mode held a character giveaway, and I was lucky enough to win four stuffed toys.

The characters are: CroCro, the leader of the gang; Bobby, an artist who loves to draw; Lisa, a music fan; and Cooki, a kitchen aficionado. 






My son Hyunbin loves all four, and he loves playing with them as part of Kids Mode.






Kids Mode lets parents choose the apps and contacts that they want their children to access. A lot of apps come bundled, and many of these are educational. For example, you can use drawing apps and have fun with the animal characters, brushing their teeth or helping them get dressed. It’s all great for preschoolers who are just starting to learn to do these things in real life.

As a parent, you can set a PIN number. Without this PIN, your children won’t be able to quit out of the app and stray upon potentially harmful contents.







Let’s take a look at some of basic features of Kids Mode.





<The Kids Mode initial settings page >


The main page is on the far left. You can probably figure out how the basic apps work just by looking at the shape of each icon.






Kids Store lets you download additional apps. Over 2,500 fun and educational games can be found here, and are categorized by age, making it easier to find appropriate apps for your little ones.

Children can mark the apps they are interested in, and you can then have a look at their “requests” and decide if you’d like to download these apps or not.







There are lots of fun things for young learners to do. For instance, there, are a whole range of virtual musical instruments to play with, a voice recorder and even pictures to color in.







I was worried about letting my child use my smartphone unsupervised, but Kids Mode has been such a boon. Kids Mode lets children recognize how useful smartphones are, and how educational they can be.

The app is easy to access, and – above all – safe.







My son loves the Kids House – this is the place where children can interact with the animal characters, brushing their teeth, feeding them and so on. Children really like the animal characters.

They help children become familiar with the app, and to engage with it.






You can use it to access a whole range of child-friendly free and paid apps – all very high in quality. It is frequently updated, so there is always something new and fun for children to do.






Over two million people currently use Samsung Kids Mode. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps. Most Samsung devices released after the Galaxy Note 4 are compatible with Kids Mode.







There are lots of ways to express your love to your children. Helping them form healthy smartphone usage habits is certainly one of them!


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