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Samsung Kids Mode: Protecting Children from Harm with Games and Education

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Things have changed a lot since my day – children now learn how to code when they are in elementary school! That is why it is important role for modern parents to help children learn to use digital devices like smartphones and computers the right way, instead of just imposing blanket bans.







These days, children learn how to use digital devices quickly, and they really like using them. My daughter Layu likes watching videos and playing with my smartphone. If I let her run free on my phone, she often ends up using a lot of cellular data, meaning I have to pay a high usage charge at the end of the month – and she often downloads paid apps by mistake.


To stop this sort of thing from happening, and to help children form healthy smartphone usage habits, I find that Samsung Kids Mode can be of use.







Even though apps are often educational, sometimes children find it hard to keep track of time when they are having fun, and that can be a bad thing.


Before handing my phone over to my kids, I always say: “You can play on it for 30 minutes and no more!” However, it is hard to be so exact when it comes to sticking to time limits.


One of the biggest advantages of Kids Mode is the ability to set a precise time limit on smartphone play time. Kids Mode automatically restricts access to your phone when time is up, and the app displays an image of the CroCro character sleeping to show that they are out of time.







You can set time limits once you have registered your children’s profiles, and you can also set different time limits for both weekdays and weekends.










In addition, you can see which Kids Mode apps your children enjoy using the most in the Kids Mode weekly section, and check on exactly how much time they have been using your smartphone.









As the app is designed especially for preschoolers, its cute pictorial icons are a big help for children who are not yet able to read.







Kids really like making voice calls and taking pictures. When I look at the pictures that Layu takes, I can see a lot of snaps of the family – especially her brother. You can view these in the Gallery section.






This is Magic Voice – it is a lot of fun. 






Magic Voice and other basic Kids Mode apps show up on the main page after you launch the Kids Mode app. 






Children really like them.






Kids Drawing lets children draw on their smartphone screens, so it is a sure-fire hit!






She drew this. I thought she had drawn arms and legs next to a head together at first. 






However, I was wrong! When I saw the completed picture, I realized that the arms were actually hair and legs, and part of body.


Layu is so adorable when she is focusing on her drawing!






Another of Layu’s favorite is the Kids House. 







Another of Layu’s favorite is the Kids House. She likes helping Bobby – another of the animal characters – take a bath and brush his teeth. It teaches her about good bathroom habits, and works a lot better than just nagging her.

When she goes off to the bathroom to brush her own teeth, I realize that Kids Mode can have a great educational impact on children.







Feeding an animal friend – Cooki.







This is great fun! Children also like Kids Dancing. It lets them swap images of their own faces with those of the characters, so they can feel like they are actually dancing and singing when they use the app.







At the Kids Store, it is easy to select new apps to use because they are all sorted into age and item categories.






There are some paid apps at the Kids Store, but I think you can enjoy Kids Mode without spending anything if you want. 







You can search the “Free” category to find apps that do not cost you a thing to download.






Layu loves to color pictures, so I downloaded an app that lets her do that.








Adults have to enter their PIN number before Kids Mode lets you download a new app. And that lets you check on whether you think the app is appropriate for your child or not.






Duck Sounds – I downloaded this, too. Kids love to listen to duck noises.










Before I downloaded Samsung Kids Mode, my children just played with toys or just used my phone to watch videos. But Kids Mode has helped us enjoy a lot of educational apps.

If you want to help your children form healthy smartphone usage habits, Samsung Kids Mode is a good way to do just that!


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