How to use

Kids Mode is easy and safe to use. Simply download the Kids Mode app. Setup is simple, and it is easy to toggle Kids Mode - and let your child start having fun.


Download & Install

Using Kids Mode is easy! All you need to do is download and install the app.

Create PIN code

Enter your PIN. Enter your PIN to activate the child protection function or to close Kids Mode.

Manage profiles

Register your child’s profile information. You can add information (and photos) for up to six children. Check on your child’s usage through this screen.

Parental control

Set a time limit on your child’s usage and ensure they are only accessing child-safe contents on your device.

Kids Mode settings

You can set further restrictions on the use of the Back button. You can also change your PIN or revert to default Kids Mode settings. [from the child protection > more views > setup menu]

Kids Mode App

The Kids Mode home screen lets you access the Kids Drawing, Kids Music, Kids Magic Voice and Kids Video apps, as well as other apps you have downloaded from the Kids Store.