What kind of service is Samsung Kids Home?

Samsung Kids Home is a service that provides a range of fun content for children – all in a safe environment.
It is easy to access to Kids Home on a Samsung smartphone or tablet device. You can run Samsung Kids Home by pressing the Kids Home button on the  Quick panel, which appears when you scroll down on your Galaxy device.  

You can create a PIN to keep your child safe from exposure to potentially harmful websites and apps. The Parental Control function lets you set device usage times and control what your child can do with your phone. The app also offers a range of fun content that helps boost children’s creativity.

Which devices are compatible with the Kids Home?

Samsung Kids Home is available on the following devices:

-Hardware: Samsung Electronics' smartphones and tablet devices
-Software: Android P (9.0) OS and subsequent versions
-Resolution: HD (1280x720) or higher


* Service subject to regional availability
* Installing the app seamlessly requires internet connection through cell phone data or Wi-Fi.
* In the event that you forget your PIN: You will need to have a Samsung account (or a Google account) registered on your device in order to reset your PIN.

Do I need a Samsung account to use Samsung Kids Home?

You can use Samsung Kids Home without a Samsung account. However, if you forget your Kids Home PIN and want to reset it, your device should be locked through pattern, iris, or fingerprint options , you will need to have registered a Samsung account or Google account registered in advance in order to do so.


* A Samsung account is an integrated account service that lets you access a range of Samsung services on the Samsung.com site, other Websites and Samsung devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TVs – using a single ID and password. For more details about registering an account, visit the Samsung account site (https://account.samsung.com/).
*  For device lock setup options, navigate to Settings> Lock screen and security. 

Can I use Samsung Kids Home on non-Samsung devices?

Kids Home is currently only available on Samsung Electronics' smartphones or tablets. 

How can I check which version of Samsung Kids Home I am using?

To check your Samsung Kids Home version,

navigate to Settings > Apps > Select Kids Home from the Apps List > check the version information at the bottom of the screen.

How can I update to the latest version of Kids Home?

For the latest Kids Home update,

navigate to Settings on the upper right of the Kids Home screen > Unlock your device, enter your PIN and go to the Parental Control page > Click “View More” on the upper right of the screen> Check for updates on the Settings page.

How can I ask questions about Kids Home?

If you have questions about Kids Home or experience any inconvenience when using the service,

please visit Samsung Content & Service Customer Support website. (https://help.content.samsung.com/ )

You can refer to FAQ  or send us question. 

How can I cancel my subscription to Samsung Kids?

Samsung Kids is a paid service available in the United States.

To enquire about how to subscribe Samsung Kids or cancel your subxcription, email the Samsung Kids team at kids@samsung.com 

Why are users asked to provide multiple forms of permission in order to use Kids Home apps?

Google requires multi-stage permission when using Kids Home apps because of its OS policies. When you need to use call, message, storage and other basic functions or apps, you need to provide additional permission in order to start using the full functions of all of these apps.

Kids Home comes with the My Phone, My Camera and Lisa's Music Band apps. As such, Kids Home needs to request user permission in order to allow access to other preinstalled apps and phone functions.

Requiring user authorization does not compromise the security of your device, and your child cannot access your contacts, which cannot be accessed without your PIN.

If you reject permission requests, you will not be able to run Kids Home or the apps that come bundled with Kids Home.


If you have already rejected permission and selected “Do not ask again” or “Do not show again” on a popup requesting access permission, you can allow permission by following the steps below:

*Go to Device settings > Apps > select Kids Home> set up apps > Permissions
Follow the instructions to grant permission.